Problems with Limescale & Bacteria

In hard water areas limescale can coat the heating element of your machine, making it less efficient, which can cost you more money. 
Smells in a washing machine can be caused by a build-up of bacteria and other deposits. Dirt removed from clothes can remain inside the washing machine creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. In the dark, warm and damp interior of washing machines fast breeding bacteria can begin to release unpleasant smells.


Maintenance Steps

A monthly maintenance wash requires a hot wash (60 degrees or more), with no clothes in the appliance using our limescale and detergent remover. The product hygienically cleans the internal parts of the machine, removes limescale in hard water areas while removing the bacteria that can cause bad odours.

Other maintenance steps may be required as sometimes mould can appear on the rubber door seal and this might not get washed off during your maintenance wash.  All you need to do is simply wipe around the door seal with a damp cloth and mild detergent then run your maintenance wash as usual


As a Valued Customer

If you have a discoloured, damaged or deteriorated door seal and require a new one and would like to refresh your machine at the same time, why not give our friendly and expert staff  a call on 08448 116 999

If you quote DS20 they will be able to identify the correct door seal for your machine and offer you a 20 percent discount on both a brand new seal and 12 months supply of our limescale and detergent remover. 

Alternatively. they can arrange for one of our fully trained engineers to fit the part at a discounted rate and include 12 months supply of limescale and detergent remover.


Expert Tip: Leaving your washing machine door open between washes helps the machine to dry out, reducing any potential for bad smells and mould to build up